Monday, August 20, 2007


Ok, the floors are in and most of the furniture and “stuff” is in place. It will still be a couple of days before all the dust settles back into a nice homey feel. But, the floors are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing them darken over the next six months.

The reason all the furniture is not in place is Robin is working at a camp in Stanwood and we picked him up Saturday morning to go to Bellingham to Summerstart. The campus is beautiful, Steve and Robin noticed that there were not only more girls to guys, but most of the girls were pretty. We picked up our respective packets and Robin got his picture taken for his Western ID card. He started chatting with a cutey in line. He is going to be fine.

He had a little trouble registering. He had to get an over-ride code for his accelerated Calculus class; he didn’t apply for the Honors Chemistry because he thought he could just register for it. You can’t. He will apply, but in the meantime he registered for an ancient civilization class and an anthropology class. He had 15 credits from Running Start at Pierce College, 10 of which satisfy GUR’s and he scored a 5 on the AP calculus test which explains the accelerated calculus class he will take this year.

We took him to the camp he is working at so he could show us and then we went to dinner with the couple that he is staying with. Joe is going to introduce him to the person who runs the challenge course at Western.

I will add pictures of the floors later today.

Be Free,


Backofpack said... the pictures of Western. Hometown and our college days - it brings it all back. I'm kinda jealous of the kids, just starting off at college, everything wide open in front of them. They are going to have so much fun and grow so much. My guess is it will stretch us Moms too!

wendy said...

A 5 on the AP test, WOW! I don't know too many people who did that!

You guys must be so proud. =)

Can't wait to see the finished pictures!

Journey to a Centum said...

Yeah Yeah, Promise pictures of the floors but do we see any?

Thanks for your comment regarding my taper ramblings. Western is a very cool campus and Robin is going to love living in B'Ham.

Is the Putz getting a lot of rest this week?


Steve said...

Robin and I said the girls were HOT, not cuties.