Sunday, November 11, 2007

Home Alone or Not

Ok, I thought I was going to get a couple days alone. Just me, Puck and the computer. I was looking forward to catching up on this blog and reading those of my freinds, because since Steve is home he is training and is on the computer a lot. It is good that he is training so he can get a consulting job, but it has changed my routine.

Well, Steve left pulling the trailer to go camp with his dad for a couple days. He was gone about an hour and a half. He called to let me know something was seriously wrong with the Yeti, but he was going to put oil in it to see what that would do and he would get back to me. He did and we had to get it, and the trailer, towed to the dealer in Sumner. We will find out tomorrow what the diagnostic tests tell us.

Here us a picture of the Yeti on a flatbed truck which was pulling the trailer.

Lessons learned: How to ask for help? Patience? We really aren't in control of anything? Gratitude that such a thing can happen at a not so bad time.

Oh, and instead of getting a couple of days to myself Steve is here and his dad just came up here instead of camping. So I get the two of them together. What can I learn from this?

Be Free,


Backofpack said...

You can learn:
a) Patience, lots and lots of patience!
b) Mechanical skills to make sure the Yeti never breaks down again, ever.

I think you should suggest they have a wonderful camping trip in the front yard! Remember when the kids were little and you'd set up a tent and let them camp overnight in the back? Same thing - and the rule is, no coming in the house. You get the house, they get the yard. Oh, I'm likeing this!

(Steve will probably never give me a ride again...)

Ironayla said...

Bummer about the Yeti. And I can't beat Michelle's comments :) When I showed this to Mark, he has the same comment as Michelle's b. :)

At least you will have company for all this wind :)

Journey to a Centum said...

Hey! Maybe it's an opportunity to put a monster engine into the Yeti, lift kit, big old mud tires, and some Yosemite Sam "Back Off" mud flaps. I think an NRA sticker on the back bumper would complete the project.

Bummer - hope the yeti is back on the road soon.


robtherunner said...

You don't sound too happy about having Steve back :) I understand the peace that can be found in a mostly empty house as well. Hope you can get rid of him for a few days soon.