Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Happened?

Okay, I haven't posted since Sydnee graduated and that has been two months. I'm not sure how that happened, but I do have a pretty good idea. Here is the deal.

The Saturday after graduation Steve ran the NB2V (North Bend to Vantage). I can't remember how far he ran, but Bob, Steve's dad, Sydnee and Michelle crewed and ran different parts of it. On Sunday, we went to see One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest at the Lakewood Playhouse. It was fabulous. We have had season tickets at this local theatre for a few years and it is so worth the money. We have seen some great productions.

The next weekend we helped move Sydnee from Tacoma to Puyallup. She now lives about five minutes away from us. We see a lot more of her and her room mate, Michon. It is really great. I am getting better at telling her I'm going to bed, lock the door on your way out. On Sunday, when we did the bulk of the moving, Sydnee and I went to a wedding shower for the first in my group of women that raised our kids together. Shocking that we have children old enough, I know.

The next weekend, Steve and Sydnee ran the Green River Marathon. Her second and she PR'd. I drove to Bellingham with Jenny to pick up some of Robin's things to move home. Well, we got almost everything in the Honda, which surprised me. On Sunday, I was honored to be able to observe egg retreaval for fertility treatment with some friends. I am a nurse and taught childbirth classes for seven years, so this was a very interesting thing for me to do.

The next weekend, Steve ran the Lake Youngs Ultra. Bob was here. We went to a graduation party for a good friend and then to an annual party to celebrate the Sound to Narrows run. Good times all around.

The next weekend Steve and I took advantage of some us time. We went to a campground near Monroe. We had a great time. We went to some wineries in Woodenville and bought some good stuff. It was nice to take the dogs and be by ourselves. It is so easy to forget to look into each others eyes and know why we are together. We came home Sunday in time to go to the Barnes for a barbeque to plan for the Rainier to Pacific relay. It is always fun to get with that bunch.

The next Saturday Steve golfed in a tournament put on by a Shawn Tovey's family. Steve and Shawn worked together for a lot of years and he had fun with a group that he hadn't golfed with for quite a while.

On Sunday Monica and Mike got married. We went to the wedding, it was lovely, and the reception. We had a good time with the running group, but we all decided it wasn't enough. So a bunch came to our house and we had margaritas and nibbles. It was great. I usually don't do spur of the moment things, but I stepped out of my box and nothing broke. It was all good.

Now came my birthday weekend. We met my parents, Bob, and Anne and Dave in Cresent Bar, Washington. It was hot, but great. We went to wineries and got more good stuff. We had good food, good wine and good company.

Now is the week that I started my new job at the YMCA. I am an Adult Fitness Coordinator. I work on newsletters, trainings and other things that I can so Lisha and Katie can do their jobs easier. I am working with a woman I just met, Doris, who has qualities that I don't, so it looks like we will work well together.

July 13th was my parents 50th wedding anniversary. They had a blessing of their vows at church Sunday morning and we had a cake and punch reception at coffee hour. Friends and Family were there to celebrate. It is very heartening to see a couple who still love and respect each other the way my parents do. I hope Steve and I can do so well.

Now the next weekend was the busiest so far. This was the weekend that Steve was running the Rainier to Pacific relay so he was gone from early Friday until Sunday afternoon. On Saturday Sydnee needed to go to a training for the Y so she could be certified to teach group exercise classes (Pilates). I went as a trainer candidate and taught three sections of the class. I passed as did Katie and Lisha, who I mentioned above. So now we can have more trainings at our Y in Puyallup and get more instructors certified. This was also the weekend of Jenna's wedding. It was so beautiful, she was so beautiful. This is how amazing my friends are. Anne catered the rehersal dinner for between 50 & 75 people and I heard it was fabulous. Her daughter Nicki is a baker and make the wedding cake which was beautiful and tasty. I can't wait to see the photos of this bash. On Sunday, Robin, Jenny, James and I went to the Tacoma Musical Theatre's production of Grease. We knew four people in the musical and they were all so good. Cody and Kirsten were Sonny and Rizzo and both were great. When I got home, Steve was cleaning My Yeti and now it is really clean and I appreciate his hard work.

We were supposed to go to Leavenworth with Rob and his wife, Jessica, but I got a call from my first best friend telling me her mother had passed away. I went to Kelso for the funeral and to support her. We got together with some other friends for dinner and had a really good time. Another friend wasn't able to join us due to an issue with her daughter. We went to visit her and tried to support her through some of this. It worked out best for us to leave them alone to do this tough transition in their way. My prayers are with Vicki and Carly.

That brings me up to date. This Friday, I go on vacation to Sun River, Oregon. Robin and his friend, Adam, will go with me. My parents, niece and her family, sister and her family will be there and Steve and Sydnee will come down on Wednesday. This was an annual tradition when the kids were growing up so it will be nice to get them down there again.


Backofpack said...

Wait, who are you again??? Just kidding...seems like forever since I've seen you though. We're leaving in the morning, see you when we get home!

robtherunner said...

I don't know if I would be able to remember all those things. Thanks for getting us up to date again. We missed you in Plain!

wendy said...

hey! congrats on the new position at the Y. That's awesome!

I keep meaning to write you and tell you thank you for the staple gun, and yes, I am done with it. it worked great, and my chairs look fantastic! You were right, it was easier than I thought it would be.

I'm so glad to hear Sydnee is closer now - YAY!

Enjoy vacation time w/ family!