Monday, August 20, 2007

Floors Only, Please

Please look only at the floors, the counters and table tops are full of things that need to be put away. Thanks, I knew you all would understand.

Be Free,


Backofpack said...

Wow. They are gorgeous.

I saw the quote you left on Rob's blog. I want you to know that real strength would be breaking the bar into four pieces, then keeping me away from them. That would take strength AND cunning.

robtherunner said...

The floors are indeed beautiful.

I may be able to run 100 miles, but there is no way I could not eat all four pieces of chocolate. That's crazy talk!

wendy said...

Your floors are GLOWING! They look amazing! Beau really wants to get hardwood floors for our house, so now I'm going to be really tempted. =) I think you should have a party in 6 months to show off the new color! That will also give you time to settle everything in. ;-)

Ironayla said...

The floors are beautiful!! :)

Journey to a Centum said...

Hey thanks for getting these pictures up! Looks beautiful! Enjoy!

The Moron