Thursday, September 27, 2007


If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have even more peace. So wherever you are attached, let go of that and come back to the center. Learn to see all movement of life with balance and openness.


Ok, I haven’t felt well since I got home from Boston. We all seem to have gotten some sort of stomach bug, but we will be fine.

But, what I have noticed since we moved Robin to Bellingham is that with the house quiet, I am fealing mellower. I know that some of this is due to the energy of our house. It is a great house and the energy has always been loving and comforting, but now it is something else too. I guess maybe it is serenity, a feeling that all is good in this space. I think the dog even feels it, he has been sleeping really well at night, and so have I.

It is a shift to think that if something needs to be cleaned or picked up, it is because Steve or I got it out or made the mess. It is just different.

I think that Steve got laid off for a couple different reasons that have nothing to do with his companies budget changes. I think he needed a change and he wasn’t moving fast enough, so God/the universe gave him a little push. I also think that I needed him home to help with this transition. And he has helped. I figure about the time I get used to having him home, he will get a new job.

My mom told me once that she married my dad “for better or worse, but not for lunch”. I totally understand what she meant, but since Steve takes on the chore of cleaning up whatever mess I make when I cook, I don’t mind cooking more in a day. It is really good for us to eat at home and eat the good organic produce we get from Terry’s Berries in our farm share. My new favorite way to cook a lot of veggies is to roast them. Simple and so flavorful.

I start new Pilates classes for Pierce College this week. My Tuesday morning class has six participants and it is so exciting to be able to really teach the proper technique to them all. We stop and feel what each move is and why we want to do it. I make sure they are doing it properly and even though we didn’t make it too far though the list of exercises, they could all feel what they were supposed to be feeling and felt as though they had worked. This is the way teaching this should feel. It is too bad that the YMCA has the open door policy on their Pilates classes and I have so many different levels in each class. I remember Anne would take people upstairs to give them an individual help session with some of the moves. I never did that, but I wish I had been asked. I may have to figure out how to include that for the class participants.

I also need to do some thinking and experimenting with the collection of exercises that I do in the class. I tend to go much slower than Anne did, but I like the mind/body connection that that affords. But I feel I need to have more variety, so I guess I will be working for my money.

Life is great.

Be Free,


Backofpack said...

I think you are teaching your students to be much more mindful than I am. I tend to move along quickly - maybe slow for the exercise, but not a very long transition between. More time together working on it and talking about it will help.

Our house feels the same - I guess because nothing has really changed, though we did let go of some of the controls for Riley. We're having fun these days...

Journey to a Centum said...


I think Steve got laid off so he could spend more time running! Am I wrong?

Steve said...

If I am here for you, then I don't mind if you take a couple more weeks to transition. I am enjoying the break and the running.

wendy said...

I'm quite envious of your students! They are lucky to have someone who cares so much about how they are doing with all aspects of their exercise.

I'm glad things are transitioning smoothly for your family. =)

robtherunner said...

Ok, now I feel bad that I did not pick up on Steve's comment yesterday that he no longer commuted to Seattle. I guess it went right over my head. Maybe I was too self-indulged just thinking of myself.

I am certain that the transition will be for the best.