Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happines is a Conscious Choice

Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response.
-Mildred Barthel

This speaks volumes to me. Life at our house has gone through many changes in the last month. Steve being laid off brought up an amazing set of questions. He has the opportunity to really look at what he wants to do going forward. With my trust in God and the universe, I am sure he will get what he asks for. It is all about the wording and the energy.

Robin is settling in at Western. He came home two weekends ago for a play his friend was in. It was great to see him and it gave him the opportunity to have his list of all the things he didn’t know he would need taken care of. We power shopped. It was pretty amazing and very fruitful for him. He is coming home this weekend for Homecoming. I imagine that his trips home will become further apart as he finds more things to keep him busy in Bellingham and makes even more friends than he already has. From what he has told me, he is keeping up with his classes and has called his sister a number of times for help with his math homework.

Sydnee seems to be settling in also for her senior year of college. She is working at a few different jobs and seems to be keeping her schedule under control. She also has a social life that is tied to her church. I hope that she can expand the social part while keeping her beliefs intact, it can be quite the balancing act. She has sent her application to UPS for the Masters in the Art of Teaching, and has a few pieces to follow up on including three tests. I know she will do grand and will be receiving her Master in 2009. YEAH Sydnee!!

I am taking this time to look at my own opportunities and choices.

Be Free,


Backofpack said...

The thing is, all our actions and reactions are a conscious choice. We can choose to be upset or angry just as we can choose to be happy. I'm glad that all is well at your house and that things are finding a rhythm. Have a good wine walk tomorrow!

wendy said...

I love that quote, although I didn't realize it was an actual quote before.

Not that I haven't had rough times before, but through those times, I do try to look for the positives. If I didn't, I think I would be miserable ALL the time! =)

Finding the good has brought a lot of peace and joy into my life, and that's what I always seem to get from you, peace for sure!

Anonymous said...

It's been ten days, time for another blog. I'll be watching.

Guess who?

Your secret admirer