Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Garden

My mind is a garden. My thoughts are the seeds. My harvest will be either flower or weeds. -Mel Weldon

This is an interesting thought to me. I truly believe that you will see whatever it is you are looking for. I remember going to visit Steve's family and pretty much every time I expected to have my feelings hurt and guess what? I did. It came down to how many times they would be hurt vs. if they would or not. That is one area I still have to be aware of. If we are going to be visiting with his family, I work to adjust my mind set. It has worked lately and I'm sure it will get easier the more I practice it.

This year has ended in a way that I really didn't expect at the beginning and I was feeling sorry for myself until I took a moment and really looked at all the great things that blossemed in our lives. Sydnee spent four and a half months in Wales with side trips to England, Scotland, France and Italy. Robin graduated from high school and is now enjoying Western Washington University. Steve has the opportunity to do contract work with his eye on early retirement. I have begun teaching more and looking at what other ways I can help others.

Our family is healthy and our friends are fabulous. Life is a garden of flowers.

Be Free,


Backofpack said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures to see on a dreary day! I have to say, one of the best parts of 2007 was the time we spent together. You and Steve have been a solid and wonderful blessing in our lives.

I think I'll work on practicing the quote - all flowers will be my goal!

Steve said...

You have a wonderful sense of art and beauty. Your sensitive nature is a wonderful gift to everyone around you, the drawback is it sometimes opens you up to hurt.

Love you