Sunday, December 9, 2007

Such a Fine Sight to See

Well, we are back and we survived. It was a fun and beauty filled trip. I’ll start at the beginning.

We flew to Phoenix instead of Flagstaff because the difference paid the cost of the rental car. Sweet. We arrived on time and got the car and headed north to Sedona. It was a beautiful drive. We arrived and checked in and immediately got scheduled for our timeshare appointment. Now I wasn’t sure if it was worth it, but Steve said ok, so we were on for Thursday.

Our room was fabulous. It was a one bedroom with a kitchen and a huge garden tub. I was in heaven.

Sunday morning, at the free breakfast, we were approached by a woman who had the paperwork to get into the Grand Canyon, but didn’t want to go alone. So we drove and she went with us. The Grand Canyon was spectacular. We started at the east side and drove west stopping at almost all of the view points and such. Here are a few pictures.

We walked quite a bit around Sedona and got what I consider some good photos. The next day we drove to the Petrified Forest. Along the way we stopped at Walnut Canyon, which are Indian ruins. Pretty cool stuff. The Petrified Forest was cool too, I don’t know what it is about science, but it makes me want to learn more. We hit the north edge of the forest and saw the Painted Desert. It was really beautiful too. It was a good thing we had unlimited mileage on the rental car, we ended up putting over 1100 miles on it. We stopped in this small town for dinner on our way home. You get extra points if you can sing the song.

Thursday morning and we went to the sales office. We listened to the reasons why we should buy a timeshare with their company and then looked at two different rooms. I don’t think Karen, our saleswoman, believed Steve when he told her the three bedroom suite with a den was about the same size as our house, but it really was. It was really nice too. So we trotted back to the office to look at numbers. At this time I am so bored and thought about texting the kids but I stayed respectful and polite. Karen told us the price and Steve was very polite. We eventually had a moment to ourselves when I blurted out, “Are you insane?” He was actually interested. We bought. It does sound like a great deal and I know we will travel more if we do this. So, we will be travelling.
It rained on our last day there and on the drive back to Phoenix, but all in all it was a great trip.


Backofpack said...

Oh, so that's the insane thing!

"Standin' on a corner in Winslow Arizona, such a fine sight to's a girl, my Lord, in a flat bed Ford, slowin' down to take a look at me...come on baby, don't say maybe..."

How'd I do? Eric sings that song all the time.

Journey to a Centum said...

Ahh but the third verse goes like this....

Running down the road trying to loosen my load got a world of trouble on my mind. Trying to find a lover who won't blow my cover, she's so hard to find. Come on baby, don't say maybe, I've got to know if your sweet love is going to save me.

I hope all your travel plans don't interfere with Steves training!

Great pictures and congratulations on your new time share!


wendy said...

We have a TS too, and we use it all the time, travelling around, and it's pretty nice. I think it's great you guys got one too! soooo, where are the pictures of YOU?!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Paul and Idon't own a timeshare, but my parents have two and we take advantage! Someday maybe. It is a good way to trade around and see the world!