Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Big Day Friday

Steve and I will be driving to Bellingham this Friday to take Robin to college. It hits me every once in a while that he will be there and not here. Although I don't see him very much when he is here.

I am feeling very worn out after the trip so I am wondering if I am a little more sensitive to change and "stuff" than I would normally be. Probably not, but it is a valid excuse for being what feels crazy to me.


wendy said...

Oh - wow! Already time! While it's a big day for all of you, it's probably an exciting time too. It's time to move on to another stage in life!

I'm always super sensitive when I'm hungry, tired, too cold, okay, I guess I'm really sensitive all the time. =) I'm sure it's quite normal...

Backofpack said...

I think being tired contributes, but still...right now you know that at the end of the day, he is tucked into the bed down the hall. You know what he will do tomorrow, that he is eating well, who his friends are and what his activities are. Friday that all comes to an end. He'll be close enough to visit, but you'll lose contact with all the daily stuff, and you'll lose that end of day security. You've been through this with Sydney, but this time...there isn't another child at home to cushion the blow. I think it's real and I think you'd be feeling it no matter what.

I felt it all when Web left home, and I'm not sure I've completely adjusted to it yet. I find myself worrying away at odd times...I got a reprieve with Riley. I feel very lucky about that.

Hopefully I'll see you this weekend, or tomorrow night. Feel free to use my shoulder to cry on, and I'll give you a hug too. Just know that you did a fabulous job and he is ready. You gave him the wings, and the sense to use them. Now it's his turn to Be Free.

Steve said...

Nice picture, who's the handsome guy. Many people probably don’t know you are scared of swinging bridges. So don’t tell them I’m goading you on.

Backofpack said...

Funny Stevie. The picture tells the whole story...Your "come-on" gesture, the look on your face, and the death grip on the side rail, not to mention that you look like you are set to rock with it. Now if you were anything like the goofball at my house, as soon as she stepped out on to it, you'd set it to guess is she's hung out with you long enough to expect that!

DadsFirstBorn said...

Empty nest. It is a scary thought for me. Even though I seemed to lack control over my children when they were "out" they came home every night.

Julie and I enjoy more time together as we see the kids less frequently. It is a renewal for us.

Change keeps our emotions alive and I think is a very good indicator we are "living." Sometimes however we don't always enjoy those feelings. At least I know I don't.